Although it has white flowers, this is clearly a Blue Stars plant.

At the moment, Blue Stars  (Chamaescilla corymbosa var. corymbosa) flowers are coming up everywhere. When the sun is out the grass around the house is dotted with blue.  They also appear in the bush section of the property, but not with the same frequency. In among the blue flowers are two plants with white flowers.  The structure of the flower, with three lines running down each petal and those wonderful yellow-tipped stamens leaves no doubt that it is a Blue Stars plant.

In a brief search through my field guide, I did not find a reference to white flowers,  so I performed a quick Google search.  I have found images showing Blue Stars in a range of shades of blue, right down to very pale blue flowers – and yes,  white flowers as well, so I know my plants are not unique.  Are they a sub-species or just variations within the species?  At this point, I’m not sure.

Blue Stars flowers began appearing in late September, and will continue to flower throughout October.  Perhaps a little longer if I’m lucky!

Blue Stars as I am accustomed to seeing them – with blue flowers.
It was terribly windy when I took this photograph of the fully open flower, so it is slightly out of focus. The image will give a good direct comparison between the white flower and the blue flower above.