Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Yesterday in Waiting for the End of Summer  I lamented that nothing much was happening around here.  This morning I woke earlier than usual and found an Eastern Grey Kangaroo feeding on the long green grass growing over the septic tank outlet pipe.  The Australian Wood Ducks like this spot too.  It’s certainly lush, and … Continue reading Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Swamp Wallaby 2: Ornamental Plum Breakfast

Our bedroom window faces East.  Yesterday morning, I had to get up earlier than usual, and I was greeted by a brilliant terracotta coloured sky at sunrise.  I got the camera out, intending to capture this brilliant colour, opened the door onto our decking and came face to face with a Swamp Wallaby in the … Continue reading Swamp Wallaby 2: Ornamental Plum Breakfast

Swamp Wallaby

Our Christmas present this year is a photo of a  Swamp Wallaby! We’ve sighted a #kangaroo or wallaby from a distance twice before, and have seen scratchings in the ground, so we knew they were around.  However, like many Australian mamals, kangaroos and wallabies are nocturnal creatures.  We owe this photo to an early clock-radio … Continue reading Swamp Wallaby