A Resilient Echidna

Last year I photographed this Echidna hiding under a log. It was dug firmly into the ground and I had no intentions of disturbing it.  As you can see, the spines on its back are badly damaged, as is the fur.  We have had bushfires in our area, […]

Jersey-Cudweed-flowers-and-buds-photographed-macro-from directly-in-front

Jersey Cudweed Flowers

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the potential for the native Australian plant Jersey Cudweed to actually become a weed because of its propensity to colonise disturbed ground..  At the time, there was one growing in our back yard.  Last week I noticed another one growing […]


Orchid Leaves

On my walk around the property this morning, I noticed many species of plants sending up new growth.  Among them were patches of orchid leaves.   The photograph above shows Small Mosquito Orchid leaves, Waxlip Orchid leaves and possibly a Helmet Orchid leaf.   In other places, many species […]


Tiny Fungi

We had so little rain in Autumn I thought we wouldn’t have a lot of fungi this year.  Two weeks into Winter, we’ve had sufficient rain to green the landscape, but not enough to run off into the dam.  However, it seems to be sufficient for the fungi […]


The Latest Joey – 3 photos

At long last the newest Eastern Grey joey left the safety of its mother’s pouch in a spot close enough to photograph.  It was only momentary, and to our eyes, it looked like the joey might have fallen out while trying to hang too far out to eat grass. […]


For Those Who Sew!

Many of my friends and family are keen quilters, or sew clothing or items such as throw pillows and tote bags.  At some point I noticed that most of the flowers on the floral fabrics were exotics, and I wondered if I could create fabric designs featuring our […]


At Last – Autumn Has Arrived

It has been a long dry Summer this year.  I notice my last post was dated in October 2015, so I have missed telling you about the end of Spring and the entire Summer season. (Oops – sorry about that.) In Australia, the El Nino weather pattern meant a […]


Catching Up

Most of the time,  confining this blog to what happens on our property of fifteen acres works well. There is certainly a lot to photograph and research.  Over the past year I have been doing many more things which take my focus away: involvement in the community and trying to […]