Close up: Gum Leaf Katydid

Gum Leaf Katydid (Torbia viridissima)

Yesterday, as I stepped out to get the mail, I noticed a large green insect on the deck.  It turned out to be a “leaf insect” or Katydid.

Initially I took photos with my standard lens, but I soon realised it was an ideal subject for my new macro lens.  The insect kept moving, so I found a thin stick and encouraged the insect to take hold. It didn’t need much persuading.   I was then able to place the stick on the table to line up the shot.  Using the Macro lens is a different technique as I lose the depth of field I am used to capturing.  However, it does allow the detail of the leaf imitation to be seen clearly.

In researching the species, I have discovered that Torbia means ‘walking’ , and this Genus of insects  have nymphs which resemble ants. All of the species within the Torbia Genus apparently have some kind of association with gum trees.

After I finished photographing, I took the Katydid down to a leafy gum tree and watched it crawl onto a twig where it became perfectly camouflaged.


Gum Leaf Katydid
Waiting just outside the door, the bright green of the Katydid made it instantly visible and also quite vulnerable. I wonder how it came to be there? Notice the perfect leaf shape of the body/
Close up:   Gum Leaf Katydid
Clinging upside down to the stick, this Katydid remained still enough to photograph some of the details of its markings.

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