For those who are on the journey with me, here are some photographs of fully opened Helmet Orchids.  I’m not completely sure, but I think I may have photographed two different species of Helmet Orchid.  We certainly have the Slaty Helmet Orchid (Corybas incurvus) and looking at distinctions of colour, shape and curve,  I think we may have a Veined Helmet Orchid (Corybas diemenicus) as well.  The latter is still in the process of opening, so I am extremely curious to see if the clear coloured teeth curve outward instead of inward when fully open.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer – here are the photographs:

slaty-helmet-orchid-corybas-incurvus- fully-open
I am confident this flower is the Slaty Helmet Orchid. Note that the toothed edge curves inward and the prominent white dome inside.
I’ve noticed that some of the Slaty Helmet Orchids have round leaves and some have small notches in the leaves, like this one.
open-helmet-orchid-llower-showing-red -edges-and-white-interio
On the right side of the flower, the toothed edge seems to be turning outward, so I’m not sure if this is a different species. It doesn’t show prominent veins either, so I’m not sure what this one is. VicVeg website names some Helmet Orchids found in this region that are not descibed and don’t some with accompanying photographs, so it could be one of these.
While this Helment Orchid flower isn’t fully open, the edges are clearly veined, and have transparent teeth rather than purple teeth. It also has a smaller round leaf. The jur is still out, but I think it may be a Vened Helmet Orchid (Corybas diemenicus).