Satelite on the roof

An end to the 2 Bar Blues

Out of pure frustation, and not expecting much, we phoned the Government communication people to enquire if there was a subsidy to install a satelite.  We were more surprised than anyone else when the answer was ‘Yes’ – if we were on a list of approved regions.  Thankfully, our region was one of those listed.  The only condition was that we had to agree to sign up the the National Broadband Network (NBN) when it was available in our area.  As we would have had to do that anyway (none of the existing Internet Service Providers could give us coverage) we readily agreed.

After almost two months of no, or very poor Internet connection, it feels luxurious to finally be able to do all of the things we were able to do before we moved out here!  The temporary fix, which had only given us one or two bars of coverage on fine days, could only be connected to one computer.  The satelite allows us to network the entire house, which is fantastic.  Once again, I feel connected to the outside world.  From here on in, the number of blog posts is likely to increase! I can also re-commence research on our many wish-list projects!

Technology is great when it works!

Satelite Dish
Our new NBN funded Satelite Dish.

Let me know what you think!

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