When watering the fruit trees in the orchard tonight, I noticed that almost all of the fruit from one tree was gone, and there were telltale droppings beneath the tree.  Richard identified these as kangaroo droppings.

I knew we had to watch out for the birds when the fruit grew large and ripe, but these were still tiny and green. I didn’t realise kangaroos liked small unripe fruit.

Now we need to think about protecting the fruit trees with a more elaborate netting system than we had envisaged.  At the moment we’re not sure how to do this. Hopefully if we rig up some posts and drape bird netting over them, it will be sufficient to keep out furry animals as well as birds,  but we’ll need to seek advice on this.

On a happier note, we have identifed a cherry tree in amongst the flowers and shrubs in the front garden, away from the orchard.  One of the cherries is just beginning to turn red, but there are many many green cherries on the tree.  I hope the kangaroo doesn’t discover this tree.

Tiny Green Cherries
This cherry tree is covered in tiny green cherries. We hope the kangaroo doesn’t like cherries.