Ant nests in the bushland

Ants Nests

The soil here is a sandy loam.  This, combined with the lack of cultivation means it is a haven for ants.  Thankfully, we don’t have ants in the house, nor do they seem to come into the cultivated back yard.  Howeve, once we begin walking on the uncultivated bushland, there are anthills, or ant nests everywhere we look.

Our friend, who knows about such things, says not to worry,  as in sandy soils, ants do the same job as worms do in other soils.  They break down matter so it can be used by plants to grow.

I haven’t begun to photograph the different species of ants we have here, aside from the Blue Ant, which did wander through our courtyard.  In the meantime, here is an image of some of the ant nests.

Ant nests in the bushland
Ant nests in the bushland



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