Waxlip Orchid
I belive this is a mauve Waxlip Orchid – one of Australia’s native orchids.

In mid-October we had a few Waxlip Orchids flowering.  They seem to be solitary, just one here and there, but their beauty certainly captures my attention when I walk past one.

I’m still a novice when it comes to native Australian wildflowers, so I rely heavily on references.  The one I am using to identify this flower is Denise Grieg’s Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers.  Grieg outlines that the Waxlip Orchid can be either purple or mauve, and her image is of a purple one, but aside from the colour, all of the details matched up to my photograph.  I did some online research to double-check and found an exact match to my photograph on the LatTrobe Univeristy website.

The two white ‘lobes’ and the mauve triangle shaped labellum are the distinctive features of this orchid.


Waxlip Orchid
According to Denise Grieg, the Waxlip Orchid can be either mauve or purple. We seem to have only mauve ones.