Gallah in tree hollow


Of all of the birds we have on our land, the Galah is probably my equal favourite, along with the Superb Fairy Wren and the Australian Wood Ducks.  Compared with other parrots, it is not noisy or showy, but quietly goes about its business.

We’ve had galah’s here ever since we bought the property – sometimes as many as 6 at a time.  They are usually found eating grass seeds or the seeds on the bird feeder.  They occasionally inhabit the hollow in one of the eucalypts outside the study window, but do not seem to have nested threre this time.  My guess is that they have seasonal habits, and I am keen to learn more about the galahs that live here.

Galah’s are often curious, perching in a tree and watching what we do.  While wary of us, they are generally not fearful. The soft pinks and greys of their plumage are beautiful, especially in the sunset, which deepens the colours.

Enjoy these photos taken over the past three months.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.

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