Constructing the backof the greenhouse

Getting Back to the Greenhouse

This week, we are preparing to construct the greenhouse.  After a busy couple of months, we are finally able to focus on this.  The timing will be good as it will allow time for seeds to emerge and take root as we come into Autumn.

So far, we have the front and the back section of the greenhouse built (currently housed in the shed) as well as the excavation for the foundations.  Earlier this week we had a load of  crushed rock delivered to form the floor of the greenhouse, along with garden quality soil to put into the raised garden beds.  The soil on our property is very sandy, including the vegetable garden. We want the raised garden beds to be capable of growing a wider range of vegetables.

Rain is forecast for the weekend, and will be welcome if it falls.  However, if it is fine, we hope to lay the crushed rock floor, and place the timber foundations, ready for the construction of the entire greenhouse.

Constructing the backof the greenhouse
Richard constructs the back of the greenhouse from flat-packed sections.
Close-up -constructing the greenhouse.
The greenhouse is made from 10m polycarbonate  tubing sandwiched between solid clear sheets, providing a good insulation all year round. Powder-coated steel holds the wall and roof panels together.
Soil and crushed rock
Crushed rock and garden quality soil ready for use.

More information about the greenhouse we are building can be found at Sproutwell Greenhouses, where we purchased ours.

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