Clio - Sealpoint Siamese cate

Sunbathing Cats

It has been so hot here that over the last week, it has really been quite still.  Nothing dares to move, including me.   Well, not quite.  I have been for a few walks around the boundary, but the birds are finding shelter any way they can, and are well out of sight.  The ground is too dry for wildflowers, and our koala seems to have moved on, or else is hiding high in the treetops where I can’t see it.

Flicking back through some older photographs, I found a few of the cats enjoying the sun in their enclosure – at least they enjoy the warm weather!  Although I think with the past ten days being over 30 degrees celsius, even the cats are tired of the heat.

Clio - Sealpoint Siamese cate
Clio loves being outside. She will shelter in the fernery on very hot days, and has found a cool spot right next to the fish tank.
Clio and Bougainvillea
On milder sunny days, Clio likes sitting underneath the Bougainvillea.
Luna - Sealpoint Siamese cat
Luna is more of an indoors cat, but still likes to get out and about for a few hours each day. Here she is laying on the seat in the fernery.
Luna and Native Grass
This round cushiony native grass is close to the Bougainvillea. So as there is only room for one cat beneath the Bougainvillea, and Clio has prime position, Luna finds her own spot.
Luna on Seat
Luna also likes to sit on our bench seat.
If I am in the fernery feeding the fish or sitting or weeding, the cats like to sit on the low wooden table and watch me.

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