Mayfly Orchids

More orchids in flower

It is amazing how much more I can see when I have a knowledgeable guide to point out the tiny Australian Native Orchids in flower.  I must have walked past some of the tiny mosquito orchids hundreds of times without noticing they were in flower.  My friend B.J., who is an orchid enthusiast visited today, and showed me so many mosquito orchids which had finished flowering. We didn’t find one still in flower.  However, we did find a few interesting flowers, including many gnat orchids, blunt greenhoods, mayfly orchids, many nodding greenhoods of various sizes, and some Early Nancy Native Australian Lilies.

The close-up photos I took of the Gnat Orchid were not clear enough to post, so I will go out and have another try tomorrow, but this photo of a clump of Gnat Orchids will give you some idea of the form of the flower.

Gnat Orchid
These Gnat Orchids are so hard to see, and so difficult to photograph without a macro lens.

We came across a reasonably large patch of Blunt Greenhoods along one of the tracks that I walk around every day.  They were tucked in underneath some bracken, just to the side of the track.

Blunt Greenhoods
Greenhoods are one of the Australian Native Orchids I can see and recognise. Although, I had not noticed these were Blunt, not Nodding Greenhoods.

I never fail to be amazed at how adept B.J. is at seeing a tiny leaf, smaller than a fingernail, and being able to tell which species of orchid will grow from it, and whether or not it has already flowered.  She pointed out yet another species of Greenhood to me, but I didn’t write down the name of it – I think it may have been a Maroon Orchid, or something similar (Sorry B.J.)

Greenhood Orchid
When I find out the name of this orchid, I will post it.

We came across the first of the pink flowering Sundews today.  This will either be a Pale Sundew or a Tall Sundew.  At the moment, I am not sure which of these it is.

Pink  Sundew Flower
Hopefully the kangaroos and wallabies won’t eat this flower before it opens.

The Mayfly Orchids were just beautiful.  So tiny, they are difficult to appreciate until captured in a photograph.

Mayfly Orchids
The form of this flower is striking in both its delicacy and beauty.
Mayfly Orchids 2
B.J. found a group of three or four Mayfly Orchids together.

Finally, the first of the Australian Native Lilies are in flower.  These Early Nancy flowers are in the lawn between the house and the dam.  There is a male and a female form of the flower, both of which are shown below:

Early Nancy - Male
Early Nancy – Male
Early Nancy - Male
Early Nancy – Male

Thanks B.J. for an educative and enjoyable afternoon!

2 thoughts on “More orchids in flower

  1. It’s always great to see the orchids. It is excellent that you have someone to show you them. Have you seen any sun orchids, the leaves would be up now? On a hot day they can be quite a nice display.

    1. Thanks Helen. No Sun Orchids yet, but we did have some last year. Hopefully they will appear soon. B.J. showed me the leaves of some Helmet Orchids, which she said should flower soon, so I am trying to keep an eye on them. Lisa

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