Donkey Orchid 01

Donkey Orchid (Diuris orientis)

These  Donkey Orchids were a cheerful addition to my daily walk.  We had a patch of around five or six plants in a three meter radius in a transitional position between dry bushland and a grassed area.   While they were not densely packed together, I found it interesting that they were all growing in this one very defined spot.  Most of the orchids on our land seem to grow in a small local position.  Very few species are scattered across the entire property.

The Donkey Orchid grows to a height of around 15 to 20 cm, with the flower being 3 to 4 cm across.

According to the VicVeg website, the Koorie name for these orchids was Naringarnik.   Also called the Wallflower Orchid,or Tall Diuris, these colourful flowers lasted for three or four weeks. Recently, they have just finished flowering.

Donkey Orchid 01
The afternoon sun brings out the deep golden yellow and rich russet tones of the flower.
Donkey Orchid 02
You would think that such a brightly coloured flower would stand out, but it is still easy to walk by and focus on the larger plants, birds, and trees. The flower rises on a very thin stem with a few grass-like thin leaves.

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