Ivy-leaf Violet

Ivy-leaf Violet (Viola hederacea sensu Willis)

Throughout Spring, and into Summer, we’ve had Ivy-Leaf Violets growing through the grass.  Looking down, they just appear as flecks of white and mauve among the green. When photographed, the true beauty of the flower is revealed.  In Australia, native violets are often recommended by plant nurseries as a good ground cover plant for cultivated gardens, so it is a special pleasure to see them growing naturally in their true environment.

Ivy-leaf Violet
Flowering through Spring and Summer in most, sheltered spots, the Ivy-leaf Violet is also very pretty.
Ivy-leaf Violet
The Ivy-leaf Violet is a perennial herb.
Ivy-leaf Violet
This flower seems to have a richer purple.
Ivy-leaf Violet
The spreading nature of the plant can be seen here. Notice how easy it is to overlook the flowers when walking.

3 thoughts on “Ivy-leaf Violet (Viola hederacea sensu Willis)

  1. We also have wild violet in our lawn, and getting rid of them has proved an impossible task. I will follow your example and photograph them next year when they flower again.

    1. They’re actually beautiful when you enlarge the photograph and look at the details. We have then growing in an area that we leave for the wildlife, so even though they are growing in grass, it is away from the house. We’re happy to leave them growing! 🙂

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