A pretty weed, Pimpernel has been flowering this Spring.

When I first found these pretty blue flowers, a year or two ago, I thought they might be native.  I put the photograph aside for identification, and got too busy to search for the species name.  With the wet spring weather, it is plentiful again this year.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a native Australian species, but an exotic plant (or weed) which has naturalised.

This triggered me to set up a new page on the species list for exotic plants and weeds we have on the property.  Good rain has been great for the native species of plants, but also for the weeds, so there are quite a few I can add, unfortunately.

Pimpernel, or Scarlet Pimpernel as it is sometimes called, seems to only grow in the boggy area among

grass along the front fence. I have not noticed it up the back in the bush.