I am looking for some assistance here. For the last three years I have watched this patch of what I think are Chiloglottis leaves grow and then curl up in late Spring/early Summer. I haven’t seen any flowers grow on them.  The leaves are growing beneath a mature eucalyptus tree approximately halfway between the house and the dam, on the South side of the tree.

In my research I can’t see any species of Victorian growing Chiloglottis which has red/purplish edges on the leaves. It would be good to know a species so I can watch more closely during the anticipated flowering weeks.

I am in a Facebook Group ‘Australian Native Orchids’ and have posted these photographs there as well.  One suggestion was to check out the species Leporella fimbriata, which is a Hare orchid, but I don’t think the leaves match in shape or colour.

If you have other ideas on what it might be, happy to hear them.