If you are reading this, it’s a clear day

When I started writing this blog, full of idealistic notions of the way we would live on our new property, I imagined we would face many challenges.  I didn’t imagine that even being able to log onto the internet would be one of them. Our property is 30 minutes drive out of a very large … Continue reading If you are reading this, it’s a clear day

Lotions, Oils and Scrubs

One thing I have been doing for a while now is making my own cosmetics.  I have not had a need to buy hand creme, body lotion, face moisturiser, face scrub, lip balm, soap, liquid soap, foot creme etc for more than a year. Setting up was a little expensive. In order to have the … Continue reading Lotions, Oils and Scrubs

Book Review: Keeping Chickens in Australia

In a previous post I boldly stated I would review two books in a few days time.  It’s a bit late, but here is an overview of information contained in the first book “Keeping Chickens in Australia”.  As I don’t yet have any chickens, I really don’t know enough to review it from a position … Continue reading Book Review: Keeping Chickens in Australia

Chicken Breeds in Australia Poster

I found a fantastic poster outlining chicken breeds found in Australia on the Poultry Hub website.  This shows an image of the male and female, outlines their key characteristics of the breed.   This allowed me to immediately narrow down to a few breeds to investigate in more detail.  I like the look of the Sussex … Continue reading Chicken Breeds in Australia Poster

House Naming Ceremony

It’s four weeks to go before we get the keys to our new house.  Sitting here at my desk in the sunshine with a coffee, it seems a long way away, but I know this four weeks will fly by. I want to prepare by doing or buying  things now so when we move in, … Continue reading House Naming Ceremony

A Wishlist

Waiting for the property settlement gives me time to dream and plan -there’s seven weeks to go….  I’ve never lived anywhere but in a suburban house before, so thinking about what I could do on 15 acres of land is both exciting and daunting. For some people this probably seems a very small land holding, … Continue reading A Wishlist