Common Blackbird

It astounds me how many of the new additions to the Bird Species List have been photographed inside the cat enclosure.  Here is another one!  Although, due to its size, I can’t imagine how it got into the enclosure. Thankfully I noticed it before the cats caught it, and was able to catch and release … Continue reading Common Blackbird

Cats, Bats and Beds at 3am

Hearing an unusual noise at 3am last night, we turned on the light to see that one of our cats had caught a bat, and was in the process of dragging it under the bed.  In our half-asleep state, we noticed a second bat laying on the carpet.  We’re not sure how one cat managed … Continue reading Cats, Bats and Beds at 3am

Grey Shrike-Thrush (Colluricincla harmonica)

The Story: I’m amazed at how many new bird species we find inside the cat enclosure, which was designed to keep the cats in and the birds out.  Hmmm, it is obviously not working as well as it should. Yesterday, a pleasant lunch was interrupted by loud bird calls, and excited cat noises.  I went … Continue reading Grey Shrike-Thrush (Colluricincla harmonica)

Spotted Pardalote

Our cats were running up and down the back yard today, in the cat enclosure, making enthusiastic noises about something fluttering just under the netting.  It turned out to be this beautiful Spotted Pardalote, which had found its way into the cat enclosure through the holes in the lattice fence.   Don’t worry, no damage was … Continue reading Spotted Pardalote

The Fairy Wrens and the Cat Enclosure: A happy story

In an earlier post, I worried about disturbing the Superb Fairy Wren’s habitat in our back yard. I also worried about our cats killing the wrens if they were able to find a way into the newly constructed cat enclosure.  Most of all, I lamented that I would no longer see their cheery form hopping … Continue reading The Fairy Wrens and the Cat Enclosure: A happy story

Eastern Spinebill

A  pair of Eastern Spinebills, also nectar feeders,  can squeeze through the lattice fence into the fernery.   Thankfully, this pair seems to have mastered the process of getting out of the cat enclosure as well as  breaking into it. The cats don’t seem to have noticed their presence, which is a huge relief!   … Continue reading Eastern Spinebill

Yellow-Faced Honeyeater

As I stood in the kitchen chopping food for lunch, I noticed frantic flapping in the cat enclosure.  The trapped bird was a Yellow-Faced Honeyeater which must have come in through the lattice fence.  Small birds are able to hop through the squares created by the lattice which forms the side wall of the fernery. … Continue reading Yellow-Faced Honeyeater

Luna and Clio’s first day in the enclosure

In our previous house, Luna and Clio had free access to a patio enclosed by cat netting.  They both love being outside, basking in the sun or chasing insects.  For the past few months in our new house, they have had to be content with sunbaking next to a full length window, or watching birds … Continue reading Luna and Clio’s first day in the enclosure

Cat Enclosure Stage 2 – Cat Netting

This weekend the weather was fine and we had free time, so we were able to finish the cat enclosure.  Essentially this meant covering the yard with cat netting and patching up any potential escape points, for example, making sure the cats are not able to get under the house, or squeeze through a gap … Continue reading Cat Enclosure Stage 2 – Cat Netting

The Cat Enclosure Stage 1 – New Fence

It has been very difficult to find clear weekends to build, where we don’t have other commitments, but last weekend we made some progress on the cat enclosure. Finally! We needed a firm anchor point for the cat netting.  Unfortunately, the existing lattice was not strong enough.  It was beginning to show signs of age, … Continue reading The Cat Enclosure Stage 1 – New Fence

The Cat Enclosure Dilema

As responsible cat owners, we will build a cat enclosure before we allow the cats outside.  Our intention was to have this enclosure built before we moved in, but the existring fence structure was not strong enough to support the cat netting we need to secure to it.  The new fencing materials are due to … Continue reading The Cat Enclosure Dilema