All of the photographs on this blog can be purchased.  I have selected a range of photographs for sale as gift cards, prints (framed or unframed), phone covers, tote bags, t-shirts and more via my Redbubble site.  Click here for more details on products and here for my Redbubble portfolio.  Product types are below the categories in a menu on the left side of the page.

If the image you like is not loaded onto Redbubble, please notify me using the form below and I will load it up for you.

I will also sell photographs in a high quality .jpeg digital format.  For further details,  simply contact me using the form below.

Please respect my copyright over these photographs.

Purchased photographs may not be used in a digital form on social media or other digital avenues without written permission from the photographer. I retain full copyright of all images. The file may not be shared, forwarded, sold or otherwise distributed. Prints made from the photograph MAY NOT be sold.

Prints made from the file can, of course, be given as gifts.

If you wish to use this image for commercial purposes, terms are available.  Please outline your request in detail.


Let me know what you think!

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