Native Orchid

Australian Native Flowers

We showed a friend around our property today, and I took the opportunity to take photos of some of the wild flowers we saw along the way.  I won’t pretend to know what they are all called, but the common feature is that the flowers are tiny.

Wild flowers
These blue flowers are very sparse.
Native Lillies
The yellow native lilies cover the ground along the front fence.
Native Orchid
These beautiful flowers seem to appear in ones and twos across the entire property. While not plentiful, they are easier to spot because they have longer stems than many of the other native flowers.
Native Orchid
We only saw one of these flowers. It seems to look like an orchid, but I will need to do some research to confirm this.
Patch of Native Orchid Leaves
We still have many large patches of native orchids. These small rounded leaves are so easy to dismiss if you don’t know what they are! (Thank you BJ)
White Heath
The heath is easy to spot because of its height. It forms a bush-like plant that towers above the bracken.
White Heath
The clear white flowers on this bush caught my attention.
Wild Flowers on the Dam Bank
We don’t have many clumps of wildflowers. The bright yellow flowers are vivid among the native grasses.
Wild Flowers
Another cheerful yellow flower.
Yellow Heath
The yellow heath is quite common along one of our boundary fences. This is the side with more native grasses.

3 thoughts on “Australian Native Flowers

  1. can ID a few easily, e.g., 3 (purple) is a wax-lip orchid, 4 and 11 are Goodenias (not sure which species, though), 6 and 7 tea tree (Leptospermum sp.). Need to have a closer look at the others to do more identification!

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