Each day, a wild  family of Australian Wood Ducks spends time on and around our dam, before going back to their home on a neighbouring property.   We’ve watched as the 11  ducklings have grown from balls of fluff to small ducks taking on adult plumage.  The ducks seem to live on a tiny, muddy pond beneath dense shrubbery, just over our boundary fence.  Each day, they come under the fence, walk across our driveway, then walk down an open, paved water run-off channel which drains into our dam.  They assemble on the edge of the dam,  swim to the other side and climb up the embankment to the grass and undergrowth, foraging for food as they walk around the edge of the dam to their starting point.

Here is a sample of the many many photograhs we have amassed.  Click on these photos to see them full-sized.