Frog Spawn

A healthy amount of frog spawn was floating on the Eastern side of the dam.

The Banjo Frogs were calling loudly from the dam in the middle of October.  A day or two later, lots of frog spawn appeared on the surface of the water.  I am guessing we will have a healthy population of Banjo Frogs next year.

While I have not seen tadpoles in the dam in previous years, we have always had a healthy frog population. We also have lots of water birds which visit the dam – a couple of species of cormorants, Australasian Darters, White-faced Herons, White-necked Herons, Pacific Black Ducks, Australian Wood Ducks, Australasian Grebes and also Long-Necked Turtles. I am sure all of these species would eat tadpoles and frogs. So, the balance between frog populations and other available food sources for species will always be changing depending on other environmental factors.

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