The site for the new greenhouse

Preparing for the Greenhouse

On Friday we had word that the greenhouse is ready to collect from the warehouse.  This is exciting news!  It comes flatpacked, so next weekend we hope to construct it.   During the week, our raised garden beds and greenhouse shelving should also arrive.  We’ll need to order crushed rock to form the floor in the next day or so.

In preparation, we have laid out tarpaulins on the ground to mark the spot we plan to build the greenhouse.  It fits neatly into the space between the fernery and the driveway within the shed yard.  This means it won’t be visible from the house, but will still be easily accessible. It should be fairy protected as well.  There are tall bushes on one side, the fernery on the other side and a fence behind it.

The site for the new greenhouse
The site for our new greenhouse.

We called in our friendly plumber to install a tap. This was placed in the exact spot where our water pipe had been spiked in enthusiastic corner marking.  As a consequence, the greenhouse has been moved slightly toward the driveway. There is plenty of room for cars to get in, so that is not a problem.

At the moment, I’m not sure what kind of watering system we will set up, but even if I have to water the plants with a hand-held hose or a watering can, it will mean easy access to water.  We do have  two rainwater tanks and the dam, as well as town water connection, so we should be OK where water is concerned.

A new tap has been installed
In the spot where our water pipes were spiked, we’ve installed a new tap. This means it will be easy to set up a watering system – even if that means watering by hose or watering can!!

I’ve been busy ordering seeds from The Diggers Club as well, so when we have the greenhouse built, I will be able to begin planting straight away.   We already have herbs in pots, and some seed raising trays prepared, in the hope of getting it up and running as quickly as possible.

In the outside vegetable garden, the potatoes look almost ready to harvest, so we can use this garden plot for something new as well.  While we could dig a bigger vegetable patch, we want to plant frost senstive plants in the greenhouse to have year-round supplies of tomatoes, capsicum, chilli and other staple vegies.

Potted herbs
We have parsley, mint, corriander, sage, oregano and lemon thyme growing in pots on the deck. There is also a rosemary bush and a small bay tree behind the vegetable garden.
Potted strawberries
We brought strawberry pots with us from our former house. The garden we had then was planted with an early fruiting strawberry and a late fruiting strawberry, so we had fruit for many months of the year.

Let me know what you think!

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