A wire fence runs through the tree stump

Our Front Fence

In Taking a Chainsaw to my Green Ideals I wrote about the need to cut down three trees to install a new livestock-proof front fence.   We have had our new fence for a while now, and we are very pleased with it.  We employed a local fencer to do the job, and he was thorough, fast and expert at his craft.

It’s a great pity that one of the three trees was so large.  We have many small trees on our property, and much fewer of this size, so it was a beautiful large healthy tree we valued. We were legally able to cut down more than three trees, but we chose to only cut those that were in the path of the fence line itself.  Altough I was upset about cutting down any of the trees, you can see from the way the wire runs right through the middle of the large tree stump that it was necessary.  This large stump immediately abbuts another tree, which is the reason we left it intact – otherwise we would have had to remove the abutting tree as well.

A wire fence runs through the tree stump
This tree stump butted up against another full sized tree which stands outside our property. Grubbing out the stump would have affected the other tree, so we ran the fence through the stump.

Having lived with the new front fence for a while, the front yard is still beautifully treed, we have a secure front fence and we have some firewood for next Winter. We also haven’t had any stray dogs on our land since it was erected.

Stump with Abutting Tree
The large stump showing the abutting tree.
Another stump abutting a tree
Another stump abutting a tree. This time we were able to put the fence in front of one stump and were able to avoid cutting down the second tree.


Our New Front Gate
Our New Front Gate

3 thoughts on “Our Front Fence

    1. Yes, we were happy with his work and would get him back any time. He was also friendly and reliable! Funny you should comment on this post today. It is just starting to be cold enough to light a fire in our wood-fired heater, and we have used the wood from the trees we cut down for the fence. They have been drying out over the past year or so, and seem to be burning well (so far, anyway). Lisa

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