In our previous house, Luna and Clio had free access to a patio enclosed by cat netting.  They both love being outside, basking in the sun or chasing insects.  For the past few months in our new house, they have had to be content with sunbaking next to a full length window, or watching birds on the decking.  On warm days when we have had windows and doors open, with only a flyscreen to keep them inside, they miaow piteously to be let outside.

Now that we have finished the cat enclosure, they are able be outside again. After an initial period of caution and exploration, the cats had a ball.  They spent most of their day hunting lizards and watching the birds fly overhead, so I guess the investment is a good one.  We do want to keep our wildlife as safe as we can.

Here are some photos from their first day in the enclosure.

Luna Sunbaking
Since we’ve been in our new house, the cats have had to be satisfied with the sunny spots in the house, such as the loungeroom window. Luna stretches out in the sun.
Clio and mouse
Clio loves to hunt insects, but inside there are no insects to hunt, so she plays with her toy mouse instead.
Clio Ventures Outside
Clio takes her first look at the enclosure.
Luna rolling on the paving
Both cats seemed to enjoy rolling around on the warm paving.
Luna in the rose garden
The cats seemed to enoy the sensation of plants. They spent a lot of time in the fernery and in the garden beds. Here Luna sits in the rose garden.
Luna hunting lizards
We have very tiny skink lizards in among the rockery plants. They are so small they can fit in the gap between two bricks. Both cats noticed these almost immediately and their hunting instincts kicked in. I don’t think they managed to catch any, but they sure had fun trying.
Kittywalk Cozy Climber
We had a Kittywalk Cozy Climber hung inside the fernery so the cats have somewhere to snuggle up and watch the world go by.
Luna exploring the Cozy climber
Both Luna and Clio are familar with Cozy Climbers. They had one in our previous house and loved it to death. I’m pretty confident they will like sleeping in this one too.
Fernery Wall with Banksia Rose
The one Banksia Rose which did not get severely trimmed to make way for a new fence is intertwined along the lattice side fence of the fernery. The Superb Fairy Wrens play in this rose and can fit through the lattice into the fernery. One even did so today while the cats were looking around. Thankfully the cats were too busy exploring to notice…this time.
Luna in the fernery
Luna in the fernery