Zygaenoidea Moth

Moth – Zygaenoidea Genus

A friend came to visit, and as I was showing her the wild flowers which grow near the dam when a flash of blue caught my eye.  After a few seconds of following the low flying irridescent flashes of blue, a moth settled on the grass, and I was able to take these photographs.

I can’t immediately identify the species of this moth, but from what I can find out online it seems to be in the genus of  Zygaenoidea, which is described as a day flying moth with metalic colouring.  The images I can find online are of green moths, but the description also lists a number of other colours which apply to sepcific species within the genus, including a blue metalic colour.

My Google search led me to the CSIRO website, which states that there are over 22,000 species of moth and butterfly in Australia, and that they do not yet have photographs of every species.  I’ll do a little more research to try to find out the name of this species and update the post when I do.

Zygaenoidea Moth
The wonderful metalic blue of this butterfly caught my eye as it fluttered low to the ground.
Zygaenoidea Moth
In this photo, there appears to be a second moth, upside down on the ground. Perhaps they were mating when they caught my eye?

Let me know what you think!

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