Abantiades hyalinatus

This blog began with the question “What is it?” and I still find myself asking this question most days.   The other night we came back from a meeting, and found this beautiful moth fluttering around on the path. It seemed to be in the act of dying, as it couldn’t get off the ground … Continue reading Abantiades hyalinatus

Granny Moth (Dasypodia selenophora)

We found this moth in October 2013. It seemed quite willing to sit still while we photographed it. Since then, I’ve been trying to work out the species.  Most of the moth identification websites I’ve found seem to be organised around the scientific names of species, so if (like me) you don’t know what you’re … Continue reading Granny Moth (Dasypodia selenophora)

Curious Frogs

Tonight while we were watching TV, we wondered what the cats were looking at outside the window.  Investigating further, we saw two small Southern Brown Tree Frogs clinging onto the wire door.  Maybe they were attracted to the lights, or maybe they were after the insects which were attracted to the lights.  Either way, we … Continue reading Curious Frogs

Four Spotted Cup Moth Caterpillar (Doratifera quadriguttata)

It has been very humid here for the last few days.  This means we get some rain later in the day, but not much. Just enough to make it hot and moist the next morning.  So it came to be that I was walking more slowly than usual, and taking a look at some of … Continue reading Four Spotted Cup Moth Caterpillar (Doratifera quadriguttata)