When Richard walked underneath the trellis arch at the front of the house, he noted baby bird tweets.  Careful inspection revealed a tiny Superb Fairy Wren nest Hidden in the bushy part of the climbing plant.  Adult wrens were protesting loudly, but we did not touch the nest itself.

I had been thinking about repacing this climbing plant with something a little more colourful, but given that the wrens like nesting in it, I am going to leave it be, and plant my showy creeper somewhere else.

Trellis Archway with Creeper
The plant growing on this trellis archway is insiginficant in many ways.
Wren's Nest
The wren’s nest is hidden in the bushy part of the plant at the top of the archway.
Wren's Nest
The nest itself is tiny, and easily overlooked.