Bird-eaten pears

Fallen Fruit: A not-so-happy story

Here the pictures tell the story.  Look at the photo’s I posted last week, and compare them with these.  I don’t think we are going to get much fruit this year.  The fruit trees are only small. From the sharp edged marks in the top of the pears, I think the culprits were parrots.  I dearly love parrots except when they ruin our fruit!

Richard is in the process of putting up some bird netting, but it is a bit late for this year.  I’m scared to write that the plums are still untouched.

Bird-eaten pears
One pear tree was completely stripped of all of the fruit. Tell-tale beak marks in the top indicate parrots.
Pears on the ground
More ruined pears.
Apples on the ground
The apples were all nibbled as well.
Bird netting over the orchard.
Richard has started to put up bird netting, but we need to buy more netting for the sides.

Let me know what you think!

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