Greenhouse construction
Constructing the greenhouse was a matter of building the powder coated steel frame, and adding the panels.
Greenhouse Interior
We had help in getting some of the roof panels in due to the close proximity to the back of the fernery. (they slid in from the side).
Greenhouse Exterior
There are three opening roof windows on each side.
Greenhouse Roof Windows
A close-up of the opening roof windows. These are opened and closed as needed to control air flow and temperature.
Greenhouse Interior
We used crushed rock for the floor of the greenhouse. We plan to put shelves and raised garden beds on top of this.

With the exception of the front door, the greenhouse is now built.  To put the door on, we need to dig out the area immediately in front of it – the land rises and prevents it from swinging open. The next step will be to build the raised garden beds inside it.