Eastern Grey Kangaro

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Yesterday in Waiting for the End of Summer  I lamented that nothing much was happening around here.  This morning I woke earlier than usual and found an Eastern Grey Kangaroo feeding on the long green grass growing over the septic tank outlet pipe.  The Australian Wood Ducks like this spot too.  It’s certainly lush, and this is the only long green grass we have at the moment.

The Eastern Grey Kangaroo, true to its name, has thick grey fur.  According to Leonard Cronin’s “Cronin’s Key Guide: Australian Mamals” the shade of grey can vary from mid to silver-grey, and is lighter on the underside of the animal. The paws and tip of the tail are much darker, and the shade varies from dark grey to  black   Female Eastern Grey Kangaroos have a white patch on their chest.  It’s difficult to tell in the early morning light if this one has light grey or white, but it looks grey to me, so I think this is a male kangaroo.

These photos were taken with a long lens from inside the house, which is why the kangaroo kept on eating.  It could hear the camera clicking, and with each click, it would look up and listen. Eventually it loped over to the Western side of the dam to graze on the shorter grass.

Compare these photos to the Swamp Wallaby photos, and you’ll see a marked difference in their build and colouring.

Eastern Grey Kangaro
This photo provides a gook look at the chest colouring, but it is still difficult to tell if the pale marks are white or grey..
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
The grass was obviously very tasty!
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
The clicking of my camera caused some initial concern….
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
…but the tempting long green grass won out.
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
It amused me to see the grass slowly being drawn into the Kangaroo’s mouth like a child eating spaghetti – relishing every bite!
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
I love this photo because it shows the black on all four paws along with the tip of the tail.
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
The Eastern Grey Kangaroo was in no hurry to leave, grazing on the Western side of the dam for a time.


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