Raindrops 07


After I photographed the Swamp Wallaby yesterday, it started to rain.  It has been so dry here. Most of the hot days we’ve had over Summer were dry heat – no hint of moisture in the air.  I’m not a fan of humid weather because it robs me of energy. This time, with the promise that humidity brings with it a chance of rain, I welcomed it.   The rain began slowly.  Huge tropical-style raindrops started to plop onto the decking – it almost felt like they were falling one by one.  We hoped out loud that it would pour down in bucketloads.  And it did for a short while.  After the rain, the light had a different quality to it which brought out all of the rich colours in the landscape.

Enjoy the photos.  They are all uncaptioned.  If you receive this post as an email, you can view each photo full-sized in a gallery by clicking to come to the website, clicking on a photo, and scrolling through all ten of them.

Let me know what you think!

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