I know I have posted a few photos of kangaroos and wallabies lately, but we seem to have them for regular visitors this month.  They are looking for green grass and fresh leafy fodder in the very dry Summer we are having over here.

Today we saw our first male/female pair of kangaroos.  Usually we only see single males.  I thought it was interesting to look at the size difference between the two.  Just look at his powerful shoulders and long forelimbs!

These photos are not great because the Eastern Grey’s were a long way away, and as soon as they had established we’d seen them, they took off.

A pair of Eastern Grey Kangaroos
Just after breakfast, we saw this pair of Eastern Grey Kangaroos grazing just off to the side of the dam. In this photo, it is possible to see how powerfully built the male kangaroo is compared with the female.
lFleeing Eastern Grey Kangaro
Even as they fled, the difference in the way the male and female kangaroos move is interesting to watch.