I took this photo in November, and was unable to identify the name of the flower.  In my many Google searches to find the species of a caterpillar for a post, I came across a brochure called “Threatened Species of Central Victoria” designed for school children by the Koala Connect project, through the Australian Koala Foundation.  Among the species of birds, mammals, amphibians and trees, I recognised the flower I had photographed.

This is the carnivorous Tall Sundew plant, which flowers from August to December, and is found across Victoria in woodlands and grasslands.  Apparently there are over 130 species of Sundew plants, and the Tall Sundew can vary from white to pale pink in colour.

Tall Sundew
The carnivorous Tall Sundew plant has a sticky residue on its leaves which traps insects.

I looked at a number of sources on the web, and depending on which entry I read, some say this is a common plant, and others say it is threatened.  As I recall, they seemed to be fairly plentiful here.  Next Spring I will make a point of examining these plants more closely.  Unfortunately, this is the only photo I took of this plant this year.

If you are interested in viewing the “Threatened Species of Central Victoria” brochure, click here.