Bushland Colours and Textures

Last weekend, we had a family gathering, including two guests from England.  As we walked around the bushland at the back of our property, it began raining.  The rich red colours of the bark were so striking when wet, it grabbed our attention.  The artistic side of our brains began thinking of things to do with the bark.  Wondering how to keep that rich colour, which fades when dry.

After our guests left, I was still thinking about colour.  These photos were taken at different times, and on different days, but all of them combine to show the rich colours and textures of the landscape, along with the subtle shades and tones.

As I am just looking at colours and textures, I have not annotated these photos.  If you’d like to know more about any of them, please ask me.  I’d be happy to elaborate on any aspect that interests you.

As usual, if you receive this post by email and wish to scroll through the photographs at full size, click to come to the blog, click on one photograph, and use the ‘next’ button to view each image in turn.


Let me know what you think!

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