Setting-up the Greenhouse

Over the last couple of weeks, we have began to use the greenhouse.  First, to hospitalise plants that were burned in the severe heat, and then to raise seedlings in punnets.  Thanks to family help, we also have one of the raised garden beds filled with soil, and have directly planted it with seeds as well.

We still have plenty of room for more pots, and perhaps some smaller raised garden beds.  Our intention is to grow Summer vegetables and herbs in the greenhouse over the Winter months.  We can use the outside vegetable garden to grow Winter vegetables.  Hopefully, this will provide us with a fairy good range of produce and cut down on our shopping bills.

Raised Garden Beds
We chose to put two very large raised garden beds in the greenhouse. These will be the central to our planting.
Greenhouse shelving
We also have a range of shelving suitable for smaller pots and for raising seeds in punnets.
In punnets, we have planted a range of tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant, herbs, chillies, and other summer veggies which will be transplanted to the raised garden beds or into pots.
Planted garden bed
So far, we’ve directly planted carrots, radishes and cucumbers.
The outside vegetable garden is still productive too, with capsicum, mini-roma tomatoes and zucchini all producing well.


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