Step by Step Firewood

It seems only a week or so ago that I was complaining about the heat.  Now the weather has turned and we have days that are quite wintery.  One huge difference between living here and living in our former home is heating.  In the past, I have always had gas heating.  Getting warm was simply a matter of flicking a switch.  Here, with a wood fired heater, we need to worry about firewood.

Since we moved in, some nine months ago, we’ve been preparing firewood to use over the next couple of years.  An old dead tree, near the bird feeders and dangerously close to the house, had to come down. In a storm, it had potential to fall onto our roof, and do real damage.  As far as we could tell, it was not hollow and not being used by wildlife for a home. Having been dead for some time, the wood was dry, and perfect to use as firewood.

The tree was felled in early December, and cut into logs mid-December. Just before Christmas we used a wood splitter to break the logs into firewood sized pieces. In January, we moved the wood into our wood shed to keep it dry for Winter.  Over the last couple of weeks, we are very thankful to this old tree for the warmth it is providing.  The cats love it too!  Lately they spend all day in front of the heater, keeping warm.

The Wood Yard
We were very fortunate that the previous owners left us stocked with firewood for the months after we moved in.
Fallen Tree
To prepare for this Winter we felled a dead tree that was too close to the house.
Australian Wood Ducks
The post ‘Ballet of the Australian Wood Ducks’ is photographed on and around this tree, the day after it was felled.
Logs 1
Richard used a chainsaw to cut the tree into logs
Logs 2
You can see in this photo the density of the wood.
Splitting Wood
Richard used a hydraulic wood splitter to break the logs into firewood sized pieces.
Split Wood 2
It was amazing to see how quickly the wood splitter could cut through the logs
Splitting Wood 3
In no time at all, the log would essentially split into two, then three then six pieces.
The pile of split wood.
The pile of split wood.
This week, as I loaded up pieces of firewood into the wheelbarrow to bring back to the house, I remembered the tree, and our family who helped us to fell it.
The firewood is solid and creates excellent coals. I’m thankful for the warm house.


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