At the risk of overloading you with photographs of Eastern Grey Kangaroos, here is an update. Three female kangaroos have been coming past the house to graze a couple of times each week.  As noted in my previous post Three Morning Visitors, it appears to be a mature female with two female offspring from her last two seasons. Both are much smaller than the mature female.  Yesterday morning, the three were joined by a large male kangaroo.

It doesn’t matter how many times I see them, I still marvel at the kangaroos.  The size and power difference between the male and female kangaroos is significant.  To see this easily, just compare the length and musculature of the forearms.  The photos below show the mature male and female kangaroo together, and few photos of the youngest female, who looks little more than a baby.  However, she is not the current youngest. The mature female has another joey in her pouch.

I’m posting these photos for pure enjoyment. I just love looking at them. I hope you do too.

Male and Female Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Kangaroos en-route back into the bush from their nightly grass grazing.
Eastern Gray Kangaroos
The powerful forelimbs of the male kangaroo can be clearly seen in this photograph. Also note that his hind legs are much longer, with his hips being at the height of her shoulder.
Young Eastern Grey Kangaroo  Female
Although permanently out of the pouch, this female is obviously very young.
Young Eastern Grey Kangaroo  Female
The grass outside the study window is still attracting the kangaroos, even though recent rain means fresh food can be found in the bush too.
Young Eastern Grey Kangaroo  Female
Another shot of the youngest kangaroo. Now scroll back and compare forelimbs with the male’s. I find this power difference fascinating.