Strange Fungi

I know absolutely nothing about wild fungi other than most of them should not be touched!   Recently there has been enough moisture to allow these strange rounded fungi to begin showing up along bush paths, and even near our front gate.  approximately 10cm across, they are easy to see, and always in the same shades of brown.

If you know anything about them, I’d love you to tell me.  My policy so far has been to leave them alone and observe what happens to them.

Appearing out of the ground as half buried balls, the fungi appears randomly all over our property.
This is a good example of the way it emerges from the ground.
So far, I’ve not noticed more than two of the fungi balls together. Occasionally, only one appears. Having said that, it’s possible there are three in this photo. It’s difficult to tell.

2 thoughts on “Strange Fungi

  1. Still working on my identification of fungi, but think this is a fairly common one known as the ‘horse droppings fungus’ (Pisolithus albus or at least, one of the genus Pisolithus)

    1. It’s really helpful to direct me toward the latin name. Thank you so much! I have tried to do some research on local fungi on the internet, but the sites seem to be indexed by latin names with hundreds of entries on each page, all of which require one or two clicks to even get to an image. So it has been hard to know where to begin. I guess this is another field guide I need. I think I am going to be an easy person to buy at Christmas time this year! 🙂

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