After rain comes: More Fungi

The rain has stimulated a range of fungi to grow.  I have not had time to research any of them, so at the moment, I can only write about where they were found.  See the captions beneath the photos for this information. If you know about any of these mushrooms, I would love to hear from you.

I found a couple like this one growing in the grass on the way to the letterbox.
More Fungi 2
I love the salmon or coral colour on the top of this delicate looking mushroom. It was growing in a clearing in the bushland on our property.
More Fungi 3
By placing the camera on the ground and hoping for the best, I managed to get a shot of the white folds of the salmon coloured mushroom.
More Fungi 4
This tiny mushroom was growing in the sand on the bank of the dam.
More Fungi 5
Again, placing the camera on the ground gave me a glimpse of the underside of this mushroom.
More Fungi 6
Beneath a tree on the grassy slope leading from the house to the dam, this huge mushroom is growing. It is at least 10 cm across, maybe more.
More Fungi 7
Even the greenhouse is not fungus free – these tiny ones are growing in a side pocket on a strawberry pot.
More Fungi 8
On ground recently covered by a piece of tin, now open to the elements, a curious looking yellow mushroom is growing.
More Fungi 9
Not far from the yellow mushroom is another brown round form. I have been told that they are Puff Balls, and if you stand on them, they spray spores into the air.


Let me know what you think!

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