Heath at Enfield

Stepping Outside the Boundary Fence

Apart from the occasional ‘self-sufficiency’ post, I try to keep the focus of my blog to the land outside our house, but inside the boundary fence.  However, the native heath flowering in the Enfield State Park is so beautiful, I thought I would share it with you.  We just happened to be driving past on our way back from a farmer’s market, and stopped to investigate the brightly coloured blooms we could see from the road.

Heath at Enfield
Most of the heath bracts were full of flowers. Unlike the flowers at our place, they had not been eaten by kangaroos.
Heath at Enfield
The colour and size of the heath flowers amazed me. Some plants were well over a metre high.
Heath at Enfield
The bushland is remarkably free of bracken. I wonder if that helps the heath to grow so large?
Heath at Enfield
I haven’t had time to consult my field guide, but this appears to be a different type of heath than that shown in my other three photos.

Enfield State Park is about twenty minutes drive from our place, so while the environment is similar, it isn’t the same.  As soon as I got home, I walked around our place for almost two hours, looking in all of the hidden places, trying to find heath, orchids, or any other flowering plant.  In total, I found a grand total of four plants.  All four were white-flowered heath, and  in comparison with the Enfield heath, our plants were tiny.

White Flowering heath
We have a few examples of white flowering heath on our land – none of them as spectacular as the Enfield heath.
White Flowering heath
This plant is about half a metre high, and is probably the tallest heath we have.

Let me know what you think!

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