Blue Stars

October Wild Flowers – Part 3

Thank you to KMS who left a comment on my Cranberry Heath post, including a link to the VicVeg website. What a fantastic breakthrough. This wonderful website allows me to search by flower colour, location within Victoria, and type of plant (herb, tree, shrub etc) meaning, I have finally been able to put names to the remaining October wildflowers.

Here they are:

Blue Stars Chamaescilla corymbosa var. corymbosa

I only found one or two examples of this beautiful flower.

Blue Stars
Blue Stars, or Chamaescilla corymbosa var. corymbosa is also known as Blue Squill or Mudrurt (a Koorie name). It is not considered to be rare.

Yellow StarHypoxis vaginata

Another star,, but very different plant to the Blue Stars.  Along the front fence, in the grassy area, this plant was fairly common. The VicVeg website confirms that it is not threatened.

Yellow Star
This plant was found in the grassy area along the front fence.

Onion Grass Romulea rosea

What I thought to be a pretty native flower has turned out to be a weed – onion grass.  Needless to say, this was reasonably plentiful in the grassy area along the front fence.

Onion Grass
This is actually a weed, not a native Victorian plant. Oh well. There had to be at least one, and this is the first.

Later this week, I will post Part 1 of the November Wildflowers series.

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