Pink Fingers

Pink Fingers: Australian Native Orchid (Caladenia carnea)

Today I was finally able to go out looking for native flowers again.  I’ve had a busy few days, and when I was ready to take a break, it was raining.

Over the three days, many more Waxlip Orchids have opened. I found these distributed throughout the bushland, with some patches and some solitary plants.  Close to a patch of Waxlip Orchids, I discovered a few Pink Fingers  (Caladenia carnea).    I wish I had bought my ruler with me, for these were quite small orchids.  My guess is that they would have been about 1 cm across the flower, on a stem approximately 10 cm in length.  In one patch the Pink Fingers were quite a pale pink, almost white in places.  In other spots, the pink was more of a clear mid-pink.

Whatever the colour, these dainty flowers look like tiny ballet dancers with spreading skirts – a lovely surprise on a grey day.

Pink Fingers
These two Pink Fingers Orchids were nestled under some bracken and in the shade of nearby trees. They are such a pale pink they’re almost white.
Pink Finger 2
The colour of this flower is a definite pink. I found it in an open position, and the sun came out as I took the shot. I wondered if the sun deepens the pink?


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