Gnat Orchids 2

Gnat Orchid

On the same day I photographed the Waxlip Orchid, I also managed to get some clearer photographs of the Gnat Orchid.

This Orchid is so hard to see. It is so tiny, the stems are slimmer than a blade of grass, and brownish purple.  i was so lucky to be with people who knew what to look for – the leaves are more obvious than the flower, but still very tiny. It is only really possible to see their true beauty when the photograph is shown enlarged on a screen.

There are several species of Gnat Orchid, and I am not sure which one this is – possibly the Small Gnat Orchid Cyrtostylis reniformis R. Br.

Gnat Orchids
In among the blades of grass on our lawn, we have small patches of Gnat Orchids.
Gnat Orchids 2
The flowers are so elegant when viewed in a photograph, but on the ground they are so small they just look like tiny sticks – if you can see them at all.

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