Running Postman

Running Postman ( Kennedia prostrata R. Br.)

Also known as the Scarlet Coral-Pea or Scarlet Runner, this brightly coloured flower is covering the ground in a grassy area just behind our orchard.  While I believe it is a creeper that grows along the ground, it looks like many individual plants growing together in a clump.

The flowers are about 2 cm across, but despite their small size, they are certainly attention grabbing!

Running Postman
Who could fail to notice these brightly coloured flowers?
Running Postman
So, should I call a group of flowers Running Postmen?



2 thoughts on “Running Postman ( Kennedia prostrata R. Br.)

    1. Ha ha… and this is such a bright clear red too! So many of the wildflowers have muted colouring, I think it is great that there are a few bright spots of red, gold and even bright pinks and blues! I enjoy these colours too. Thanks for commenting! Lisa

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