Vanilla Orchid

Vanilla Orchid (Thelymitra antennifera)

In researching this orchid I have discovered that it is also called the Lemon Orchid, Rabbit-ears or Rabbit’s Ears Orchid.  Looking at the photo on the guide, I can see that the dark marks in the centre do look like some flopsy ears.  These aren’t shown in my photos, so I will go back out there tomorrow and try to capture them.

The flowers are approximately  15 – 20 mm across, and on stems around 15 cm long.  Ours are a very pale lemon colour, almost a rich cream colour, which is why I have chosen to call them Vanilla Orchids rather than Lemon Orchids.


Vanilla Orchid
These orchids are growing alongside the walking track. If it had not been for some Waxlip Orchids growing nearby, I would not have seen them.
Vanilla Orchid
This photo shows an open flower, along with a bud just about to open. The colour of the bud is also noteworthy.

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