Tall Sundew Flowers 2

Tall Sundew Flowers

At the moment, Tall Sundew flowers abound.  At least I am pretty sure they are Tall Sundews.  Pale Sundews look very similar. My field guides tell me that the way to tell the two plants apart is to look at the leaves just above ground level – that the Tall Sundew leaves are circular, and the Pale Sundew leaves are spoon-shaped.  Also, the calyx of the Tall Sundew is smooth, while the calyx of the Pale Sundew is hairy.

I haven’t gone to the trouble of pulling one of these plants out of the ground to examine it in minute detail, but as far as I can see, the leaves are round and there are no hairs.

While I have not seen the movie for a very long time, every time I see a photo of a Tall Sundew flower, I can’t help thinking about the animated scene in Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ which depicts women, or a woman, as a carnivorous plant. So, for me, these flowers also have a soundtrack!

Enjoy the photos!

Tall Sundew Flowers
In most cases, the Tall Sundew plant is between 15 and 30 cm high. However, they are very thin, spindly plants.
Tall Sundew Flowers 2
The flowers are worth waiting for – abundant, delicate and only open when the sun touches them, or at least that is what I have found so far.
Tall Sundew Bud
The deeper pink of the Tall Sundew bud is one I am drawn to, and I love the way the unopened buds droop, ready to rise up and greet the sun.
Tall Sundew Buds 2
This is one of my favourite photos. I love the way the sun highlights the insect catching leaves.

2 thoughts on “Tall Sundew Flowers

  1. I have a beautiful memory with these plants. I was walking through the bush, and the sundews were everywhere, having climbed over bushes and up tree trunks. There was a lovely golden afternoon sun, and as the light passed through the sundews, they looked so stunning. I felt like I was surrounded by beauty.

    Even without the flowers, the sundews are exquisite. I actually prefer them when they are not flowing!

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