Guinea Flowers

Erect Guinea-flower (Hibbertia riparia)

Throughout the bushland part of our property, we have Guinea-flower growing and currently it is all in flower.  Mostly, these are low growing shrubs sprawling along the ground, with some erect shrubs  a meter or more high.  In looking at the various types of Guinea-flower that are found in our region, the shape of the leaves and the colour of the buds lead me to believe that we have the Erect Guinea-flower Hibbertia riparia (R. Br. ex DC.) Hoogl.


Guinea Flowers
I love the intensity and clarity of the yellow when the flowers are clustered together.
Guinea-flower cluster
One of the identifying features of the Guinea-flower is the pale green sepals are visible between the petals when the flower is opening.
Guinea-flower buds and leaves
This photograph gives a clear view of the buds and leaves of our Guinea-flowers.

At first glance, all of the shrubs look different, with differently sized flowers and varying shades of yellow.  Some sprawl over the ground, while others are distinctly bush-shaped.   T

Guinea--flower ground cover
The low ground-creeping Guinea-flower is shown here. As you can see, it is sparse, and ambling rather than clustered or bush-like.


Guinea-flower bush
In contrast, this Guinea-flower is clustered into a bush-like shape.

Try as I might, I can’t find images of different Guinea-flower species with similarly shaped leaves, but I’m sure we must have at least two, perhaps three different Guinea-flowers growing here.   in particular, one low growing, small ground-cover seems that it must be a different species of Guinea-flower.  So far, I have only found one example of this species.  With paler and smaller flowers, and darker leaves, it doesn’t resemble the Erect Guinea-flower we have elsewhere, but I can’t find anything that looks like it in my field guides.  I’m very happy to find out what it is if you have more detailed knowledge than I do.

Guinea-flower sub-species?
I’m almost positive this shrub HAS to be a sub-species of some kind. The flowers are much smaller and paler than those found elsewhere on our block..
A small, pale Guinea-flower
The pale colour of these flowers is quite beautiful. They are also about half the size of the guinea flowers on other shrubs.

Whatever their species, for me, the cheerful colour and widespread nature of the Guinea-flower is a welcome Spring display.  Along with the Bush-pea and the Tea Tree, which is starting to flower now, our bushland is looking very pretty at the moment.

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