Spotted Sun Orchids

Spotted Sun Orchids (Thelymitra ixioides)

Over the last few weeks I have taken a swag of photos of Australian native flowers, including  more Australian Terrestrial Orchids.  Rather than post a gallery of them here, I’ll post them one by one, and build these posts into a plant index.  Today, I’m going to focus on the beautiful  Spotted Sun Orchids.

Many days of cool weather and cloudy skies have meant the Sun Orchid buds, sprouting up everywhere, remained tightly closed.   A forecast of warm weather built up our hopes that the temperature may be warm enough for these buds to open.  So, with two wonderful friends, I spent a couple of hours hunting for Sun Orchids yesterday.   What a joyful and peaceful way to spend an afternoon!

My friend, who is much more knowledgeable than  I am in relation to Orchids, identified a number of different species of Sun Orchid on the property.   The one that captivated me most was the Spotted Sun Orchid.   I realise there are different species of Spotted Suns, and as yet I have not had a chance to identify each of the plants in my photographs.  So this post is just to share their beauty.

Spotted Sun Orchids
I’ve been keeping my eye on this group of Sun Orchid buds for a while. What a joy to realise they are Spotted Sun Orchids!
Spotted Sun Orchid Opening
We found the colour of the Spotted Sun Orchids ranged from a mauve to blue.
Spotted Sun Orchid Group
This grouping of flowers was stunning. Hard to keep the shadow out of the photo in full mid-day sun.





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